The Social Economy Student Network brings together students interested in the Social Economy (such as nonprofits, co-operatives & social enterprises) in order to facilitate the formation of intellectually stimulating and diverse peer networks within and beyond the academic and research environment. It links students to one another from around the globe and fosters the growth of knowledge and information-sharing among members. To join, please send an email to Suzanne Cook at



Upcoming Workshops (Registration required)
January 22, 2010:
Marketing for Nonprofit Organisations (waitlist only)

February 19: Human Resource Management in Community Organizations(full day)

March 26: Strategic Planning for Non-profits, Co-operatives and Other
Community Organizations (full day)

April 30: Fundraising in Non-profits and Community Organizations (full day)

May 21: Managing Change in Community Organizations (full day)

** Certificate offered for completion of 5 or more workshops **

Upcoming Lunchbox Speakers (No registration required and you can even see it via webcast)
January 20, 2010:
Participatory Budgeting

February 17: Entrepreneurship in Worker Co-operatives

March 24: Social Capital Financing

April 14: Community Foundations/Innovative Foundations

May 19: Green Energy Act

See the University of Toronto Social Economy Centre
website for more info.