The Social Economy Student Network brings together students interested in the Social Economy (such as nonprofits, co-operatives & social enterprises) in order to facilitate the formation of intellectually stimulating and diverse peer networks within and beyond the academic and research environment. It links students to one another from around the globe and fosters the growth of knowledge and information-sharing among members. To join, please send an email to Suzanne Cook at


Logo Contest of the Social Economy Student Network

Are you a student?
Do you have some or a lot of artistic talent?
Are you interested in creating a logo for the Student
Do you have an idea for a logo?
Do you have an idea for a logo that represents youth in the
Social Economy?
Do you have an idea that represents both the Social Economy
and research?

We are pleased to announce the logo contest for the Student Network web site that is in the process of redevelopment. We count on the talent of the members of the Social Economy Student Network to create a logo that is relevant to students and the Social Economy.

Click here for more information, and to submit entries: