The Social Economy Student Network brings together students interested in the Social Economy (such as nonprofits, co-operatives & social enterprises) in order to facilitate the formation of intellectually stimulating and diverse peer networks within and beyond the academic and research environment. It links students to one another from around the globe and fosters the growth of knowledge and information-sharing among members. To join, please send an email to Suzanne Cook at


Update from Suzanne

There are currently three initiatives we are working on.

First, we are looking for student contacts who will become a representative for the Social Economy Student Network at your university in Southern Ontario (from Niagara to Ottawa). This individual must be interested in studying or researching issues related to the social economy. Each representative will be asked to publicize the SESN and its website by giving presentations to undergraduate and graduate students, putting up posters, distributing materials, advertising conferences and other academic opportunities, and representing the SESN at any appropriate up-coming campus events. They will be asked to compile a list of students at your university who are interested in the social economy in order to facilitate SE awareness and dialogue. In addition, we would welcome their assistance with the Social Economy Centre's April 2009 event, if they plan to attend. Please email me if you are interested.

Second, we are developing a list of completed dissertations and theses on the social economy at your university. If you have recently completed a SE-related dissertation or thesis, please email me the details.

Third, we are compiling a list of university programs with social economy studies. We would like to know if your university offers any type of social economy studies. In addition, we are interested in the titles and course description of any social economy-related courses being taught. Please email me the details.

Thank you for assisting us with promoting the SESN as we build and develop this important student resource.